Diakoniekrankenhaus Rotenburg GmbH

Name scientific contact person: Tom Schaberg


Primary care network: Rotenburg


Role and contribution: involved in WP9 and 10

Qualification and expertise:

Professor Dr. Tom Schaberg was born in 1954 in Flensburg, Germany and graduated as MD in 1982 at the Freie Universität Berlin. From 1982-1988 he trained in Pulmonary Medicine at the Chest Clinic Heckeshorn, Berlin, Germany and received his broad Certification for Pulmonary Medicine in 1987. From 1988-89 he was a Visiting Scientist at the Yale University- New Haven, USA and from 1989/90 a Fellow in Infectious Diseases at the University Hospital Steglitz - Freie Universität Berlin. In 1990 he received his Broad Certification in Internal Medicine and in 1991 the Broad Certification in Allergic Diseases. 1990-1997 he served as a Senior Consultant in the Department of Infectious Diseases and Immunology (Head: Professor Hartmut Lode) Chest Clinic, Berlin, Germany. Professor Schaberg presented his PhD in Berlin in 1994. In 2005 he got his Broad Certification in Infectious Diseases. Since 1997 he served as Head of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Deaconness Hospital Rotenburg, Germany. Professor Schaberg is a member of several national and international Societies (eg ATS, ERS, ACCP, IUATLD, DGP, DGI, PEG). In the European Respiratory Society Professor Schaberg has held several offices (he served as: Chairman: Tuberculosis Scientific Group 1995-1997; Secretary: Scientific Section: Respiratory Infections 1997-1999; Secretary: Assembly Infectious Diseases 1999-2001; Vice President: Annual Meeting 2001 Berlin; Head: Assembly Respiratory Infections 2001-2005; Member of the Executive Committee 2001-2005; National Delegate Germany 2006-2009. In the German Society of Pneumologie he served as Member of the Scientific Committee 1995-2006; Speaker of the Section of Infectious Diseases 1995-2001; Secretary of the Clinical Section 2004-2006. Professor Schaberg has published more than 180 original papers, reviews, supplement papers, books and book articles, and numerous abstracts. His research is focusing on cellular mechanisms of lung defense; respiratory infections; tuberculosis, HIV-infection, lung cancer and COPD. He has served on several editorial boards (European Respiratory Journal (1996-1998), Chemotherapie-Journal (since 1994), Arzneimittelbrief (1992-2003), Eur. Respir. Topic (1999-2000), Respiration (Co-Editor 2005), Pneumologie (1996-2006)). Currently he is the Chief Editor of the German respiratory journal "PNEUMOLOGIE". Since 2002 Professor Schaberg is the Head of Local Clinical Research Center, Rotenburg within the German network of competence "Community aquired pneumonia - CAPNET, and member of the ERS Task Force "Guideline for LRTI". In 2006 has was appointed to the Board of Directors of a 1000-bed hospital in Hannover, Germany.